Thursday, November 17, 2011


So, I have been MIA lately (big time), and I'm really missing my weekly blogs for Mommy's Project 52!

Having said that, the past month (and couple of weeks) have been CRAZY (even crazier than usual). Miguel has had some mysterious illness going on for a month that has caused FOUR trips to the ER, four visits to an ENT, a visit to a GP, a variety of blood tests, Bells Palsy (paralysis on one side of the face), a CT scan... and a 40 pound weight loss (mostly from either not being able to swallow food or not being able to hold it down). Seriously.

If any of my doctor/nurse friends would like to offer free advice, we'd be all over it. :)

Plus - both computers have died. *SIGH*

So, hopefully I'm back in the game soon! Please keep us in your thoughts!


Robin Gray Christeson said...

I wish I knew and could fix it for you!! I'm sending some good juju your way:) Tell M I hope he starts feeling better soon.

Hot Mama said...

Yikes, that's quite a streak you're on! Sorry things have been so hectic, and I hope your DH is 100% ASAP!